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Tomball Country Club is a member owned, 18-hole golf club (restricted to 350 members), with a fully stocked pro shop, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and complete practice facilities. There are regular senior games, ladies’ games, and men's play.

Golf Associations

We have active Men’s and Ladies’ Golf Associations with members of all skill levels who keep a full schedule of events and have a lot of fun.

No Tee Times

We do not have tee times. We maintain a calendar of events and our members have been able to play with very little wait time. Our typical round of golf is under four hours.


For those who like to fish we have a large lake stocked with Florida hybrid bass, which are fished by members on Mondays when the course is closed for play.

Membership options to fit your needs

Membership Levels

  • Equity owner voting membership w/full club access.

  • Initiation $1,400 plus equity transfer fee ($100) for a total of $1,500.

  • $205 per month

(under age 35) – We are currently at capacity and have a waitlist – please contact the golf shop to apply for waitlist.

  • Pay one half the $1,500 initiation fee ($750) on Board approval.

  • 2/3 the current Full Family Membership dues for a non-voting, family membership on a year-to-year contract renewable each year with Board approval

  • Unlimited golf privileges

  • Upon turning the age of 35, Young Adult Member may resign or convert to Full Family Membership by paying the balance of the initiation fee. At such time his/her dues will then become the current Full Family Membership monthly dues and he/she will be issued a stock certificate with full voting privileges

  • $160 per month

  • 4 persons from a corporation approved by the TCC Board of Directors

  • Paid by the corporation through a single individual

  • Unlimited golf

  • Voting membership, 1 vote per corporation

  • $510 per month

  • $3,000 Initiation Fee
  • Non-equity family membership w/full club access

  • 60 days (consecutive)

  • One time per family offer

  • $350 for 2 months; must be paid prior to start of trial membership

  • Currently unavailable
  • Non-equity family membership w/full club access

  • Any 90 days in weekly increments

  • $500 per year

  • Currently unavailable

(over 75 miles)

  • Non-equity family membership w/full club access

  • Limited to 6 rounds per month

  • $55 per month

  • Currently unavailable
  • Tomball Country Club also offers a monthly cart rental program for $90/month.
  • All prices, with exception of the Full Family Membership Initiation and Transfer Fees, are subject to sales tax.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


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